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Flight N720TU


Clarke Evans is a ghost, falling off the map when his government program, Quantum, was shuttered. Twenty years later and he's back. With Quantum dead and buried, the question now is who's giving him the orders?

Flight N720TU.png

In The Shadows


Three teams of the deadliest armed forces on the planet. Army Rangers, Delta Force, and US Marines.

The exercise is simple. Be the first to reach the extraction point. A simple exercise, but the island has other ideas as something foul haunts the dense jungle.

Training is over. The fight for survival has begun...

In the Shadows.png

Jewel of The Amazon


Shane Pierson's really stepped in it now.

All he wanted was to search for lost treasure in South America. One car crash later and he's trapped, hunted by trained killers.

How's he going to get out of this one?

Jewel of the Amazon.png

King is Dead


When Cullen's entire team is ambushed during a covert mission into Thandor, he suspects there is a mole within their ranks.

If only Cullen knew just how right he was...

King Is Dead.png

The Apprentice


Years of conflict have remade Cullen.

The hero that once rescued his people from the brink of war is gone, a distant memory replaced by cruel reality as Eshye marches on a downward spiral towards war.

Origen hates what has become of his old friend and he knows what he must do...

The Apprentice.png

Out of Time


Detective James Emmerson has been hunting a killer for years. A killer that has taunted and eluded police and federal agents at every turn.

But Emmerson has found him. He's tracked him down to his lair and there is only one way this is going to end.

Out of Time.png

A Man with No Country


Joe Tanner has seen many things in his time as an FBI agent. However, nothing can prepare him for what he encounters late one fateful night.​

He's about to find out that some things are better left alone...

A Man with No Country.png

Hard Drive


A hard drive of sensitive information is out in the open. A group of rogue Marines led by The Commander are planning to sell the hard drive to the highest bidder.

Elias Barton and his team have been sent in to recover the hard drive no matter the cost. 

Elias and The Commander. Only one is leaving alive.


Hard Drive.png

The Heist


Ciaran's just a security systems salesman. He didn't have any plans for his Friday night - go back to his apartment, reheat last night's pizza, and fall asleep in front of the TV.

That all changes when he gets a call from his oldest friend that's in trouble and needs his help. Never one to leave a friend in a bind, Ciaran jumps in with both feet.

There's no way he could have guessed where this night would take him.

The Heist.png

Survivors Alley


After a disastrous run-in with former Quantum agent Clarke Evans, Anthony Reid is called back to his hometown, a town he left twenty years ago and hadn't thought about since.

The town's not the one he left all those years ago. It is a shadow of its former self with a dark secret lurking just below the surface...

Will Reid be able to uncover the town's secrets or will their weight bury him in a shallow grave?

Survivors Alley.jpg
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