A Western Australian native, Rohan Elliott is a part-time writer. He has written ten short stories and his short story; In The Shadows was published by the UWA Creative Writing and Poetry Club in 2018. He is also outlining his first novel right now. When Rohan's not writing, he can be found gaming, reading, binging Netflix or just staring off into space.

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Are you available for critiquing and/or beta reading?

I am available for critiquing and/or beta reading. Send me an email with a brief synopsis and details of your work (genre, length, whether you're looking for critiquing/beta reading, etc.)

When do your blog posts come out?

Posts are uploaded Sunday at 3 pm AWST.

What inspires your writing?

Mostly real-world events. I love reading about crazy events that have happened. It really gets me thinking about 'what if's' and most of the time I find that truth is stranger than fiction.  

Can I send you fan art?

Absolutely! You can send it to me via social media or email.