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Content Writer Services

Variable Price

Variable Duration

Got a great idea for an article or listicle that you can't quite find the right words to put together? With years of writing experience both for my own personal blog and as a contributor for pop culture website Couch Soup, I'll strive to work with you to develop and produce cracking written content that will engage with your audience and drive results.

Services offered:

  • Article Writing: This is the nuts and bolts of of content writing. You have an idea and I'll type it up for you and once its approved it goes out to your clients.

  • Copy writing: This is all about your brand and your product. Got a dry product that isn't quite grabbing the customer? Do people not understand what your brand does? That's a problem and together, we can fix it.

Please provide the following in your correspondence:

  • Scope of the work.

  • Expected due date for content.

  • Length of written content.

  • Any other specific requirements of the job.

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