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Content Editor Services

Variable Price

Variable Duration

Have the content all written up but need a fresh set of eyes to avoid embarassing mistakes? We've all been there and with my experience as a content editor for Couch Soup, I'll be there to make sure every I is dotted and T is crossed before that fresh content hits your audiences.

Services offered:

  • Developmental Editing: This is a more overall look at the content, raising bigger questions on tone, style and everything in between.

  • Line Editing: This is a classic line by line read through with the trusy highlighter and red pen, just like your english teacher.

  • Copy Editing: This is the final pass over of your work before it goes off to an agent or client. This is just for spelling, grammer and punctuation.

Please include in your correspondence:

  • Scope of the work.

  • Expected due date for editing notes.

  • Length of written content.

  • Any other specific requirements of the job.

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