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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Hi everyone and welcome back to the second edition of One Hour Impressions, where I read/play/watch an hour's worth of the chosen work and give you my first impressions.

This week we have the Spotify podcast ‘Guesstimates’, where two art students, Mumby and Jeff try to answer maths and science questions.

Now I just have to get two things out of the way. First up, I know the two hosts personally from high school. However, I will be giving my honest first impressions, regardless of my prior relationship with the two. Secondly, even though it’s one-hour impressions, I ended up watching two of their podcast episodes taking me over the hour limit.

So, I’m breaking my own rules in the second edition of this which is always good. Anyway, onto the impressions.


The Episodes

Flavour Town (40 minutes)

First up, the theme song sets the feeling for the podcast straight away. It’s a bit rough around the edges but it gives the feeling of two mates just having fun with a passion for this project. The introduction for this episode is pretty good, a little disjointed in the way they jump from topic to topic but that’s part of the appeal of these types of podcasts where it’s personality focused over the subject of the podcast.

That being said, it was a little frustrating that it took them almost eleven minutes to get into the questions which's arguably the main draw of the podcast.

Onto the actual question tackled in the episode about why hot food or hot water makes any chilli in a dish worse. It’s an interesting question and the interplay between Mumby and Jeff is nice and gives the feeling that you’re back at high school just sitting around with your mates.

It was entertaining listening to the duo trying to answer this question by bringing up all sorts of principles like aromas, heat, spice, temperature and even your mouth as an oven. The fact they also took time out of the podcast to taste chilli was enjoyable.

I was a little annoyed that they only got the one question in for the entire episode but that didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the episode. Also, the title of the episode is just great because who doesn’t love Guy Fieri?

Overall, this episode was good and I enjoyed it but it’s probably not the best episode to start with. I suggest the next episode as a starting point.

Mumby Wins (36 minutes)

I felt this episode was a much better one and I enjoyed it a lot more. They got in more than one question and all of them were interesting and pretty well explained by the hosts.

However, it took them even longer to get to the questions this episode, clocking in at about fifteen minutes before the first question was asked. The preamble before the questions was also interesting but again just took a while to get to the questions.

My favourite question in this episode would have to be the one focusing on black holes. The explanations seemed pretty well informed and all the questions gave me some really good general knowledge that I can use as an icebreaker.

Will I be continuing to listen to the podcast?

Yes, I will be listening to this podcast again. It’s an interesting premise and the two personalities are likeable and it just feels like it’s a really comfortable place which in the current climate is pretty much all anyone can ask for.

Guesstimates is on Spotify and you can listen to all the episodes here. If you have a question you want the guys to try answer you can email them or check them out on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Make sure to check them out.


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