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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Today we’re sitting down with indie author Martin James, his social media links will be down at the end of the interview so if you want, you can check him out and he might just be your next favourite author. Anyway, let’s get into the interview.

Tell me a little bit about your book. Let’s focus on your characters. Who are they? What are they doing in your novel?

We have the main character Marcus, a troubled but sage young man discovering intense love, drama and longing for a void left by atheism after a life of God. He experiences a life changing event and moves to run but as always, that is a reductive choice. So far, the other characters are peripheral, and potentially spoiler -revealing to describe. A flimsy hostel night-manager and a foppish new-father affect his life more than he wishes or knows.

What and who inspired you to write this book?

Without being arrogant, I inspired myself to write it in many ways, I base a lot on my own experiences, and some desires, and some is pure whimsy, what if this… type of thing.

My favourite author is George Orwell, however, if you ask my influence in this novel I would say Jim Carroll, James Hawes (A White Merc with Fins is a personal favourite), Irvine Welsh, Charlie Higson, and William Sutcliffe

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I set my prose to music. A metronome in my head when I reread it. If it doesn’t bounce and flow, I edit. Clunky is off putting to me.

If you had to give one piece of advice to a newbie writer, what would it be?

Edit. Rewrite, revisit, and just keep doing it, changing a pronoun or an adjective can make the difference between a paragraph and a great paragraph. Mostly I would say use Forums not Facebook. Social media is for social. Even those in the know are not there for that. Great forums out there, use them. The advice can be project-making.

When did you write your first book/story and how old were you?

Me and my Skateboard. A comic, I was 7. Sadly, as I finished, I saw I had misspelled “Skateboard” and no way I could make a K look like a T so it just looks stupid.

Do you use any special writing software? If so, what is it, and what are a few of your favourite perks of it?

Right now, I just use office as it suits me and I do not know any better.

Do you only write for books or do you have plans to possibly branch out into writing for other mediums?

I do acrostic poems for people as birthday and special occasions and I have my review blog “Nicely Put”.

Do you have any shout outs to any fellow writers or writing groups?

Nicola Gill who wrote The Neighbours, a great book about London life and taught me how to write female characters better. She is a new success and well deserved it is too. Also, the forum a great and supportive community that have helped me no end.

Martin James moved into writing after losing his job. He is a father of one, married, and lives in Cotswolds. He runs a review blog website and is working on his first book Deliver Us. He’s also available on Twitter.


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