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Updated: Aug 26

It’s All in the Imagination…

Hey there! Thanks for taking a moment out there to get to know this budding artist! My name’s Matthew Alan Bon and I’ve been creating art in some shape or form since I was a wee lad of two!

My passion for all things ‘cool’ arose (and grew) early on when my father introduced me to illustrated children’s books, comic books, and animated films. I’ve been a fan of the illustrated work of such artists as: Eric Carle, E.H Shepard, J.R.R. Tolkien, Maurice Sendak, Greg Capullo, Frank Miller, and John Romita Jr. among others.

Over the years I’ve had an ‘on again, off again’ relationship with drawing—it wasn’t until my mid-twenties when I began to concertedly dedicate my time to art. Initially, I felt compelled to enter art school, which I did, where I trained formally for two and a half years before swapping programs to sate a hunger for a degree in English and all things literature (reading and writing are also strong passions of mine).

My long-enduring inclination towards art creation, however, simply couldn’t be ignored any longer, and, upon returning to the world of visual art over the last few years, I’ve sought to hone the craft as my own, offering it the appreciation and respect it rightfully deserves.

Traditional media has always been my go-to. Since entering my third decade of life, I’ve taken to traditional work, with a splash of digital colour, nearly exclusively.

I’ve always enjoyed the tactility and natural feel of pencils, pens, and brushes in hand. I draw with my right hand (though being ambidextrous would be cool—and time-efficient too!) I plan on sticking to these tools for the time being, which my clients appreciate as well (because, hey--who doesn’t love an original piece of art tailored and created specifically for them at their request that can be mailed out as a one-of-one original?).

Image provided courtesy of Matthew Alan Bon

If you haven’t been to my website already (which I highly suggest you do, by the way—many thanks in advance!) you’ll be treated to a showcase of a multitude of themes, styles, and general artwork created for pleasure, practice, and practical professional purposes, the latter of which has been for clientele since the launch of my website in late 2018.

I can (and will) draw anything for anyone, including, but certainly not limited to character designs, logos, scene layouts, storyboards, comic pages, and portraits, human or otherwise. I take all requests and aim to be as versatile stylistically as is necessary to meet my clients’ needs. Drawing is such an exciting and challenging endeavor; I figure why not become as well-rounded with the craft as possible?

My absolute preferred weapons of mass creation include graphite pencils, fine-liner pens, and brush pens. Water colour art is something I’ve been experimenting with lately, too. Overall, I scratch that proverbial ‘artists itch’ conjuring highly rendered, highly detailed pieces that force a sustained gaze into those imaginative worlds springing up from all those millions of little lines.

Honing my skills through each piece is something I’m always consciously striving for. It keeps my clients happy, and it keeps me locked to my drawing desk (definitely two good things happening there!).

Typically, I’ll spend upwards of two to three days on any given piece of art—generally a day to rough out thumbnail drawings and an underlay/rough line construction work of the piece, before moving on to the final ‘ink finish’. Inking over the chaos of rough pencil scratches is always a joy because I find it brings out the best of my creativity, especially where lighting and shadows are concerned.

I think of inking as a final ‘once over’ in bringing the drawing to life. It’s been very interesting seeing my precision and technical ability develop over the years by sticking exclusively to pens and ink on paper as opposed to relying on the ‘flawlessness’ and line quality ‘perfection’ digital tools have been designed to portray and convey.

I see that touch of human ‘imperfection’ as a kind of signature unique to each artist who practices their craft in this manner. I know that I will explore the digital realm with more tenacity in the future, but for now—I’ll opt to keep the paper stacked and the ink flowing.

My favourite pieces to date include those conveniently pinned to my Twitter page! (My work can be viewed there: @drawnbybon). The coloured comic cover piece entitled “CONVECTRON” was created for a character design contest. It was drawn and inked traditionally then scanned for a colour finish. I strove to push boundaries with that piece in terms of the colours and digital techniques I employed, as well as its overall composition.

Image provided courtesy of Matthew Alan Bon

The piece with the “flying nessies” as many refer to them as, is an illustration for a novel I’ve been working on since my college days. That piece was a test of patience and took close to five days to complete (roughly thirty hours).

The skull study was precisely that—a test in drawing still life. I explored more precise rendering techniques in that piece and learned to capture form and shadows with more accuracy than I had done prior.

The Batman drawing remains one of my favorites to date, and it happens to have been commissioned by Rohan, himself! It was one of my earliest commissions of 2021. That piece took upwards of twenty hours and was a complete labour of love.

Currently, I’m involved in a top-secret (but not really) graphic novel-adaptation project! I’m collaborating with a professionally published author with a brilliant eye for storytelling, action, and character development. I’ve since produced multiple comic book pages (traditionally!) for this project and hope to be able to share this early work soon enough!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little more about me! I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it, and please—don’t hesitate to contact me with a project, general inquiries, or even random thoughts at:!

Cheers :-)

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us all Matt! As a side note, you should totally check out Matt's Twitter and website and hey maybe get him to commission a piece or two. His batman piece and the piece he did for me for my fantasy short story The Apprentice are incredible and great value for money.

- Rohan

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